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Fragility: Collected Poems 2006-2021

A collection of poems with the theme of fragility, written over a period of fifteen years, covering the stages of human being. With poems exploring childhood,  situations arising as a woman, the joys and trials of being a lover, getting older and the myriad expressions of humanity and creativity. Take a journey through the stanzas and accompanying images, recognising fragility doesn’t always signify weakness. In these poems there is an enduring  strength that can be passionate, playful, tender and wise.

”...uplifting and mesmerising. The descriptive language is memorable; lovely.” 

Carol McKay, author of  Incunabulum


Trailer for FRAGILTY
Collected Poems 2006-2021

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Poetry reading by Jacqueline from 'Fragility' for

Black History Month with the Glasgow Gospel Choir.


Mosaic: Prose & Poetry

A collection of poems and short stories using the idea of  mosaic.  The mosaic that is life. Short stories and poetry inspired by dreams, visions and perceptions of varied realities such as that in child and parenthood, relationships, the world of work, world issues etc. and our unconscious ways of placing the myriad strands of the life we consider to fit together just so. Journeying through the sentences that make up the poems, stories and the accompanying images, we realise that life is a  multifaceted mosaic and often manifests in contradictory, rhythmical, amusing and creative  ways.

"...With rhythm and flow, the language and detail   carries convincingly across time and place.”  William Letford (Poet) author of ‘Dirt’

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