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The Scottish Witchfinder

The story of the much maligned historical figure Janet Douglas, made famous by her part in ‘The Bewitching of Sir George Maxwell’ in 1676, is retold in her own words with inclusion of her full involvement, using second sight, in several witch hunts in the years following this case and offers a re-imagining of her unknown beginnings and unfolding of her later life after banishment from Scotland, now set in Jamaica at the commencement of Scotland’s involvement in the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Janet’s journal is complimented by the story of her possible descendant from Jamaica in the character of Mercy Douglas, who after the unexplained death of her cousin Hope (the journal’s finder); travels to Scotland. While there, Mercy encounters more unexplained deaths, duppies and finds some witches of her own.


‘The Scottish Witchfinder has a strong narrative line with moments of tension which keep the reader interested. It has a fascinating glimpse into 17th century Scotland and its struggle with witchcraft, Covenanters, slavery and people-trafficking. All of these topics and themes are realised in the 21st century story also. I like the way the similar themes cross the centuries and are examined in their own time frame.’

Liz Niven, award winning author of ‘The Shard Box’

Janet Douglas’s 17th century voice sings while her 21st century counterpart, Mercy, dances as only Caribbean’s can do. With rhythm and flow, the language and detail   carries convincingly across time and place”  William Letford (Poet) author of ‘Dirt’

‘Some absolutely lovely descriptive writing. I was on that ship that rolled and crashed near Orkney. And there are a couple of beautifully written passages about the island of Davaar and Janet's first impression of Jamaica. Really high quality, literary work.’ –Carol MacKay - Author of 'Incunabulum'

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