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'We will be passionate in our work and encourage flair and creativity in all that we do.' 

Is this approach the secret behind the successful and prolific careers of critically acclaimed poets, novelists and playwrights from America to Zimbabwe like: Kei Miller, Skye Loneragan, Liz Niven, Ryan Van Winkle and others who choose to live, work and write in the dynamic and inspiring city of Glasgow?  While the rest of us gaze at blank sheets of paper, struggling to come up with a first sentence, these writers seem to polish off poem after poem and novel after novel. In 'Inspiration from the Common Wealth of Writers to Boost Creativity', Jacqueline Smith collects personal memories of how the writers got started, who & what inspires them, advice they would offer to other writers and important aspects for crafting your writing. Jacqueline provides her own commentary and tips for keeping the spark alive, plus much more from some of today’s best Commonwealth writers who reveal the secrets of their writing success.

Illustrations from ICWW

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