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Tips For Writing Suspense with Slaves of Men and Gods Obroni Tales-Book One

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Next blog will be about the locations in Slaves of Men and Gods

Which one (Accra, Glasgow or Mafe Seva) interests you most and how does it feature in the book? Sign up on the CONTACT page to ask your questions.

Genre: Teen & Young Adult Mystery Books


A gripping tale of intrigue and ancient traditions in the 21st century. Tribes, Shrine Priests, Ancient Traditions and the oldest profession in the world.

BookViral Review;

Reminding us how life can change in the blink of an eye and nothing should be taken for granted Smith takes us from Scotland to Ghana’s Accra on an exhilarating journey that reflects the best and worst in human nature.

Writing with startling clarity she pens an unforgettable narrative that weaves the darkest beliefs, corruption and violence with an intensity that rarely falters. Her plot set against an ill-omened and daunting backdrop that captures local culture and a powerful sense of legitimacy which infiltrates her pages.

Populated with a host of vividly drawn characters it’s not a cursory tale and can be a harrowing read at times but Smith makes her points without breast-beating whilst the overarching social commentary is hard to ignore. 

Exploring the tragic circumstances leading to Gifty’s death and Krisi’s search for the truth, Smith’s feel for detail is terrific. Every one of her characters is an individual and refreshingly her narrative remains clear of trite clichés as she finds the right pace and style for what proves to be a highly original story.

A powerful read that’s both engaging and poignant Slaves of Men and Gods Smith's book proves a gem of a page-turner and a fine start to Smith’s Obroni Tales series.

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