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Speaking Woman whispers beyond time and through spirits known and unknown to Morag MacAulay, and sometimes they just downright interfere!

Awaiting Morag across continents and time is an initiation as a High Priestess in the Indus Valley in 4BC, a magical reinvention as a Gnostic Saviouress on 16th Century Mallorca and the French déjà vu of Morag’s teenage years is finally solved in her third remembrance and she thinks maybe she’d have been better off not knowing!

Khanti, her pre-ordained consort, follows her through the many adventures that she relives on her journey from one life to the next as she wonders what to do when somehow ‘Betray Me’ seems to be stamped on her forehead.

 She could use some help to figure out why and how it all began and how she can prevent it happening again. But what do her local medium Mhairi, her wise-cracking friend Maggie and would-be lover Enrique, think of all those strange dreams and second sight visions?

Is Morag wacky or wise and will she find the love, friendship and meaning that she seeks? Will she be able to leave her dead-end life and very dead father’s ghost, behind?

 A painted leaf, a clay whistle, a steamy bath and that voice whispering in her ear. Who knows where will it all end or does it ever end?

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